TeleTender is an automated phone service, it can follow your commands and serve your needs over the phone. To access the service, just dial one of the phone numbers.

TeleTender phone services have been stopped. New services are coming soon, please stay tuned. If you have any questions, please send an email to

List of services:

TeleTender can read friend updates to you, or you can post comments or updates using your own voice, etc. To start, please visit TeleTender Facebook App to link your Facebook account with your TeleTender account.
You can use TeleTender to send a voice email, or let TeleTender read your emails to you over the phone.
Voice Chat Room, Conference
You can meet and talk with other users in the voice chat rooms. There are regional chat rooms for each area code. You can also create your own chat rooms, and optionally set passcode to control who can join.
TeleTender can read latest news to you over the phone.
Providing weather forecasts based on zip code, or city and state.
Web Browsing
TeleTender has an embedded screen reader to read web pages for you over the phone. You can navigate to other pages by clicking a link, or fill and submit forms, etc.
Alarm and Reminder
Like the wake up call service offered by hotels, you can ask TeleTender to call you back at a particular time. You can record a short message to be played back when the system call you.

To start, just dial one of the phone numbers.