You can use any phone to access our service. Either a land-line phone or a cellphone would be fine, as long as it can make a phone call. To start, you can dial one of the phone numbers listed here.
You can use either voice commands, or you can use phone pad to perform all the tasks. If background noise is interfering the service, you can also turn off voice recognition, by pressing the star or asterisk key twice. To resume voice recognition, you can double press the star or asterisk key again.
Most likely yes. TeleTender use our own algorithms to get the texts from web page. Anything visible on the web browser will be read out, even for those web pages that were not accessible. That being said, web pages designed with accessibility in mind still have a better browsing experience.
If a web page contains links to word document, PDF files, etc., TeleTender can't download the documents and read the them, even if you click the link.
Also, using TeleTender, you can't hear sounds played from the browser.
The reminder service allows you to specify a time, and Teletender will call you at that specified time. You can record a voice message when you create the reminder, so when you get the call, the message will be played, and you know what this reminder is about.
You can change the phone number for receiving reminder. However, you need to register that phone number with your account first. See below FAQ to learn how to add a new phone number to your account.
Firstly, ensure that you have set a passcode for your account, and enable logon from other phones.
Then use your new phone to call the Teletender, and logon to your account by providing your old phone number and passcode. Then you can register the new phone in the settings menu.
Once the new phone number is registered, you can remove the old phone number from your account.
By default, the system checks the caller ID, and allows you to logon if it matches with the original caller ID used when the account was created. For better protection, you can set a passcode in the settings menu, and ask the system to check passcode while logon.
By default, you can't logon to your account from other phones. If needed, you can enable it in the settings menu. When you logon to your account from other phones, the system will ask you to provide your own phone number and your passcode.
When you logon, select the option to create a new passcode. The system will call the phone number listed on your account to give you the new passcode.
With the conference and chat room service, you can talk with people in the same chat room. There is a global chat room available to everybody. There are regional chat rooms for each area code. You can also create your own chat rooms. When you do that, optionally, you can add a PIN to the chat room, thus only those who know the PIN can join the discussion.
It is free.
We are seeking donations. If you are interested to contribute, or can help to raise funds, please send an email to
If you are on TeleTender phone line, you can press zero to get contextual help. Or, you can press zero zero to leave a voice message; once we have an answer for your question, you will be able to hear it next time you dial in to TeleTender.
Alternatively, you can send an email to